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Training for trainers / consultants for preparing the application and business plan for IPARD funds aiming rural and agricultural development, results with production of trained staff able to make good quality applications / project proposals in the segment of rural and agricultural development. The trainees are capable to prepare applications / project proposals for EU funds and to assist as professional associates to rural and agricultural development stakeholders. After completed training, the clients are able, in addition to provision of assistance in preparing the application, to provide expertise in implementation and monitoring of projects.
The aim of the programme is to train the clients:
a. to understand strategies, funds and mechanisms of the EU action;
b. to understand and know the principles of funding of the EU programmes, projects and actions, particularly those available to BiH;
c. to know all components of the project cycle management concept;
d. to design and develop the problem tree, logframe and budget of the project based on the logframe concept;
e. to understand and know the requirements related to reporting and monitoring of the projects according to the EU requirements;
f. to design and develop application (project proposal) in the segment of rural and agricultural development according to the EU requirements, particularly according to the principles of IPARD programme.
The training is led by the experienced economic planning lecturers, who are also CRP employees.

If you are interested in this training, contact us!
Contact person is ZAHIROVIĆ EDIN