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Since 2009, CRP has implemented trainings about production and installation of solar collectors for sanitary water heating and photovoltaic panels, for different groups of clients. We train the participants to independently produce cost-effective solar collectors of outstanding technical features and to design and install simple solar systems for sanitary water heating, in different types of buildings. That way, the trainees increase their competitiveness at labour market and are ready to use emerging employment opportunities in the segment of new technologies’ production. Use of solar and other types of renewable energies is an important development potential for the future of BiH.
Training curriculum for production and installation of solar systems is a good-quality segment of the expansion of the creative supply for lifelong adult education, recognisable at and approved by the contemporary labour market.
According to the proposed training curriculum, practical training has started on 08.06.2009. In the beginning of the training, theoretical lectures about solar energy and solar systems were organised for the participants in order to introduce them with technical features of solar collectors and solar systems.
After theoretical component of the training, practical part of the training was delivered to the participants.
Practical training was organised in a way that each candidate, with previous practical demonstration drill by the lecturer, independently produces and connects certain segments of solar collector/system and uses the tools and machines needed for production of solar collector/system. Within this training, each candidate is trained to independently produce solar collector and install the solar system. All the trainees are also trained to use properly and professionally the tools needed for processing of material during production of solar collectors and systems.
The training is led by Ismet Salihović, CRP employee, solar energy expert and specialist – segment: production and installation of solar systems and certified energy auditor.

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Contact person is SALIHOVIĆ ISMET