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CRP provides to its beneficiaries, associates and partners technical support and training for preparing of:
1. SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plane);
2. KEAP (Cantonal Energy Action Plan).

Sustainable energy action plan is the key document, which based on the collected baseline data on energy consumption, identifies and provides clear and precise guidelines for implementation of energy efficiency projects and measures and use of renewable energy sources at the level of canton, city or municipality, which will result with decreased CO2 emission. Technical support and training for sustainable energy management aim local communities and cantons. Technical support and training are intended for heads or other representatives of municipal or cantonal public and utility services covering the city planning, buildings, public light and similar sectors, as well as local agencies, NGOs and other relevant development stakeholders.

The main objectives of creating and implementation of the Action Plan are:
• Decrease CO2 emissions from all sectors by implementing energy efficiency measures, utilizing renewable energy sources, managing the consumption, training and by implementing other measures;
• Decrease energy consumption in building, transport and public light sectors;
• Enable transformation of urban area to environmentally sustainable areas.
The Action Plan focuses on establishment of long-term energy systems in the cities and provides measureable objectives and results with decreased energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
The Action Plan in all its segments should comply with institutional and legislative frameworks at EU, national and local level, and should cover the period until 2020. The training is led by the experienced economic planning lecturers, who are also CRP employees.

Should you need additional information about technical support and training for preparing SEAP/KEAP, contact us to plan the future together.
Contact person is ZAHIROVIĆ EDIN