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CRP provides to its beneficiaries, associates and partners a training about preparing the local environmental action plans (according to DPSIR methodology)

LEAP contributes to:
▪ better understanding of environmental issues at local level,
▪ ranking the issues in relation to human health, eco-systems, life quality in general,
▪ rational directing of limited funds to priority issues,
▪ full integration of technical, political and management solutions.

LEAP development process, based on our experiences so far, lasts from 9 – 12 months. It systematizes knowledge about environmental status and determines the priorities for resolution of the most important environmental issues. It is a new qualitative approach to environment and development planning. To define the objectives and activities to be implemented within the plan, it is necessary to analyse the sample and problems, in fact the environmental status and consequences. We use DPSIR methodology in LEAP making. DPSIR method is a method demonstrating interaction between society and environment. Therefore, the analysis pertains to the environmental status in physical, institutional and legal as well as economic sense. Evaluation of the status shall be the basis for defining of the objectives.

Should you need additional information about technical support and training for preparing local environmental action plans according to DPSIR methodology, contact us to plan the future together.
Contact person is ZAHIROVIĆ EDIN