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„Sun as a source of thermal, cooling and electrical energy“

In 14 seconds only the Sun produces as much energy as the whole mankind uses in one day.
CRP provides the training about solar energy to its beneficiaries, associates and partners.
The biggest importance of solar energy today in our country is possibility for its use in daily life. Use of solar energy includes heating and cooling of premises, lights, water heating, etc.
Insolation together with secondary solar source such as the energy of wind and waves, hydro energy and biomass make majority of available renewable energy on Earth. Only a negligible part of available solar energy is used.

CRP provides training to the groups and individuals who wish to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in this segment, which shall enable them strengthen their competitiveness at the labour market and increase the employment opportunities in this segment. Ability of our country to produce „clean energy“ depends extensively on our capability to adequately train the labour and provide subsidies by developing the „green jobs“.
If you are interested in training, contact us!
Contact person is SALIHOVIĆ ISMET