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What do we do?


  • – Training and advising individuals, institutions and companies about energy efficiency by certified trainers for adult education
  • – Through EFFECT network we gather and expand the network of experts, associates and like-minded persons aimed at as quality promotion of energy efficiency and cooperation with government institutions as possible
  • – CRP advisors for energy efficiency work daily with the citizens through trainings, counselling, design and development of professional documentation
  • – Animating, consulting and motivating the citizens in environmental decision-making, design, implementation and evaluation of public policies in environment and energy sectors
  • – Producing various professional documents and plans, including development of new or use of the existing internationally recognised methodologies, with emphasis on economic-finance aspects of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources
  • – Conducting energy audits and producing energy audit reports, and certification of buildings by certified energy auditors
  • – Making economic-finance cost-benefit analyses
  • – Analysis of environmental status, proposing measures for improvements and their comparative analysis
  • – Preparing and implementing local, regional and international projects
  • – CRP lead auditors successfully prepare institutions for introduction and monitoring of implementation of the energy efficiency standard (ISO-50001)
  • – Production and installation of solar collectors for sanitary water heating and photovoltaic panels
  • – Conducting social development analyses
  • – Thermograph screening of buildings
  • We offer to our beneficiaries and partners, natural and legal entities, trainings about the following:
  • – Preparing environmental action plans – at local, cantonal and national level
  • – Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources
  • – Planning and management of small business and entrepreneurship development
  • – Training for local self-governance units – development of favourable business environment and attracting the investments
  • – Training for energy managers
  • – Public inclusion into decision-making processes of public interest
  • – Strategic planning of local development according to MiPRO methodology
  • – Advising about reduction of risk from disasters
  • – Preparing applications and business plans for IPARD funds aimed at rural and agricultural development
  • – Production and installation of solar collectors for sanitary water heating and photovoltaic panels
– CRP is guided by the principles of team work, partnership and continuous capacity building of its employees. The values of the organisation are: creativity, flexibility, transparency, responsibility, transfer of knowledge, as well as principles of humanity and respect for human dignity
– CRP applies the following methodological approach in its activities:
– Prioritizing development of human resources as the most important element of the success of implemented programme activities
– Compliance of our programmes and projects with development strategies at local, cantonal, entity and state levels
  • – Promotion of EU standards and guidelines in relevant spheres that are the subject of certain programmes
  • – Establishing multi-disciplinary teams for implementation of certain programmes and projects
  • – Setting the development of target group members as a long-term, phased and strategic-oriented process
  • – Intensive inclusion of market carriers as key stakeholders of relevant market chains into all programme activities
  • – Continuous monitoring and evaluation of programme activities aimed at further improvement and development of the organisation’s programmes