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CRP was founded in 2005, and since then we have worked as the group of committed professionals and enthusiasts with respectable knowledge and skills in the segments of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, environment protection, climate changes and sustainable development, including:

  • Producing various professional documents and plans;
  • Preparing and implementing local, regional and international projects;
  • Training and advising individuals, institutions and companies;
  • Conducting energy audits and producing energy audit reports, and certification of buildings;
  • Making cost-benefit and other economic-finance analyses;
  • Analysis of environmental status, proposing measures for improvements and their comparative analysis;
  • Animating, consulting and motivating the citizens in environmental decision-making;
  • Measuring and reporting about energy status of buildings, facilities and systems, as well as their emissions to environment;
  • Preparing institutions for introduction and monitoring of implementation of the energy efficiency standard (ISO-50001);
  • Conducting social development analyses;
  • Using European knowledge, policies and practices in the mentioned segments.