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Environment issues are resolved the best with participation of all interested citizens in environmental decision making processes.
Government institutions are obliged to inform the citizens and non-governmental organisations, and to give them sufficient period to take part in environment decision making process. In order to take part, the citizens need to be informed. Publicity needs to have precise, accurate and due information. Deadlines for public participation must be planned in the earliest possible phase, from the beginning of the first phase of some document adoption, when all the options are still open, according to earlier determined schedule. Finally, public authorities must take into consideration the results of public participation in the final decision making process. The public must also be informed about the way those results were taken into consideration. If the public opinion is not taken into consideration during decision making, the authorities must clarify the reasons.
CRP has extensive experience in public participation in environmental decision making process. Within the project „Moving towards successful public participation in the Sava River Basin water management“, we implemented several activities that provided information and training to interested stakeholders (authorities, relevant institutions, economy, non-governmental organisations) and general public about importance of river basins management, as well as importance and ways to involve the citizens into the process.
Through its advocacy activities, CRP continuously works on inclusion of wider public into decision making processes at all levels of authorities.

Should you need additional information about these activities, please contact us.
Contact person is AMIR ZAHIROVIĆ