The Ceremony of Opening the Energy-Renovated Second Primary School in Srebrenik

The Ceremony of Opening the Energy-Renovated Second Primary School in Srebrenik

Another smart school in Tuzla Canton was officially opened yesterday: the renewed, energy efficient Public Secondary School in Srebrenik. Construction work worth approximately 180,000 KM was carried out on the school building. The energy efficiency measures implemented in the process include the following:

  1. Thermal insulation installed on the outer walls of the building;
  2. New windows and doors;
  3. Newly installed pellet boiler.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the presence of joyful students, parents and locals, the school was awarded the title of smart, energy-efficient school. The ribbon was cut by Fahreta Brasnjic, Minister of Education and Science in the Tuzla Canton government, Nihad Omerović Mayor of Srebrenik, Damir Mirković, Deputy Mayor of Brod Posavina County and Zehra Isic, School Prinicpal.

The ceremony of opening the energy-renovated Second Primary School Srebrenik is the latest activity within the SMART SCHOOLS project. The project is an example of good practice in implementing energy efficiency projects that all partners are pleased with. “The Government of Tuzla Canton plans to continue cooperation with partners as well as the energy renovation of school facilities. We have applied for the same program with the project “Smart Schools 2″, which envisages energy renovation of 18 schools in Tuzla Canton”, said Fahreta Brasnjić, Minister of Education and Science in the TC Government.

The renovation of the school was carried out as part of the implementation of the 3.2 million KM worth cross-border project “Innovative Minds for Smart Schools“, known as SMART SCHOOLS. The project is funded by the INTERREG IPA CBC Cross-border Cooperation Program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020. The project is co-financed by the Government of Tuzla Canton and implemented by: Center for Development and Support (CRP) Tuzla, Government of Tuzla Canton, Brod-Posavina County, Association Green Action from Zagreb and Brod Ecological Society – BED from Slavonski Brod.

After the opening of the renovated school, a roundtable was held on the topic: “Effects and potentials of energy efficiency in the public sector”. The round table was attended by representatives of the Tuzla Canton Government, representatives of resource ministries in the TC Government, representatives of the town of Srebrenik, non-governmental organization members, project team members and school management.

To view opening ceremony photos click HERE.

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The video of opening ceremony in Srebrenik recorded by the Cantonal TV station RTV TK o is available via link below.

text translated by. Adi Tanović, Center for development and support

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