MELIHA SELESKOVIĆ, B.Sc. in economics

MELIHA SELESKOVIĆ, B.Sc. in economics

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Meliha Selesković B.Sc. in economics, certified accountant with extensive experience in finance management. She has valuable expertise and proven practical skills in accounting, management and supervision of banking procedures with a strong emphasis on finance sustainability of the organisation.


1. Development and implementation of CRP sustainability strategy, contracting authority USAID, October 2015. (team member);
2. Technical support to the governments of Tuzla Canton and Posavina Canton in participatory strategic planning, contracting authority UNDP, 2015. (team member);
3. Preparing and delivery of technical training about development of business skills for design and development of rural development project proposals, in accordance of IPARD IPARD (EU – Instrument for pre-accession assistance to rural development), contracting authority USAID, 2013. (team member);
4. Implementation of CRP Organisational Development Plan, contracting authority Regional Environmental Centre (REC), 2009. (team member);

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