Ismet Salihović, manager of department for renewable energy sources, certified energy auditor and certified trainer for adult education, trainer – practitioner in use of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources with extensive experience in facilitating and delivering trainings about production of solar collectors / panels and installation of solar systems. He has over 20 years of experience in the fields of solar technology and renewable energies.


  1. Energy audit of 45 buildings in 3 cantons: Central Bosnia Canton, West Herzegovina Canton and Herzeg Bosnia Canton, contracting authority UNDP, 2016. (team member);
  2. Making three cantonal studies of energy efficiency in public buildings (for MBC, WHC, C10) with 366 buildings, contracting authority UNDP, 2015. (team member);
  3. Alter Energy – Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities, consortium agreement with Ceteor doo Sarajevo, 2015. (team member);
  4. Design of training plan and curriculum for energy managers and their implementation, within GIZ-programme “Capacity building of training providers to adults”, contracting authority GIZ, 2015. (team member);
  5. Energy efficiency study for 550 public buildings in the Federation BiH, contracting authority UNDP, 2015. (team member);
  6. Energy efficiency study for 97 school buildings in Republika Srpska, contracting authority UNDP, 2014. (team member);
  7. Energy efficiency study for 11 public buildings in Glamoč municipality, contracting authority UNDP, 2014. (team member);
  8. Energy efficiency study for 378 public buildings in Tuzla Canton, contracting authority UNDP, 2014. (team member);
  9. Capacity building of small, medium and public enterprises in sustainable energy management, contracting authority Tuzla municipality, 2014. (team member)
  10. Energy audits for three selected buildings, contracting authority central heating company “Centralno grijanje d.d.” Tuzla 2013. (team member);
  11. Thermographic imaging of the building New General Hospital in Bijeljina, contracting authority VAMED Gmbh Vienna, 2012. (team member);
  12. Preliminary energy audit and development of the elaborate for the Public Institution Health Centre Bosanska Krupa, contracting authority Local action group “Una-Sana” Sanski Most, 2012. (team member);
  13. Energy audits for 5 buildings in Tuzla municipality, contracting authority central heating company „Centralno grijanje d.d.“ Tuzla, 2010. (team member);

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