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CRP provides to its clients the following measuring services:


By using IC thermography in civil engineering, various errors and deficiencies in construction and use of building may be successfully detected. This method is widely used while locating leaking in flat roofs or detecting moisture in the building, and is mainly used to show the thermal losses on facade and openings.

Use of thermography in civil engineering:

  • To show the heat losses in the facade;
  • To detect thermal bridges;
  • To detect the moisture outbreak;
  • To locate the leaking in flat roofs.

We use Thermovision imaging camera FLUKE Ti 25 for thermographic imaging of buildings.

If you need thermographic imaging of your building, contact us!

Contact person is ISMET SALIHOVIĆ




Illuminance is quantity of light falling to a certain surface. Natural or artificial light must ensure satisfactory illuminance, particularly at work surfaces. It has been proven that illuminance only influences a lot the productivity of work, satisfaction of employees, and most importantly reduces the errors in work.

In addition to light source (bulb or tube), the illuminance of work plate is influenced by lamps, walls, floors, as well as all the objects illuminated by light flow.

Depending on the needs of the premises, the lamp may:

–  muffle the light (decrease the light flow to the surrounding room);

– reflect and focus the light flow (light flow produced in the source is spread throughout the premise, and by using reflector, majority of light that would be lost at the ceiling or wall, returns and focuses to the work surface) and

– protect from glaring.

To measure the plate illuminance we use Luxmeter LM- 8000.

If you want to measure the plate illuminance in your business or residential premises, contact us!

Contact person is DARKO TIŠMA 




Thermal conductivity is a feature of construction material to conduct the heat. Thermal conductivity is defined as quantity of heat that goes through the layer of material per unit of time.  Materials of small value are called thermal insulators, and those of bigger thermal conductivity value are called heat conductors.

Thermal conductivity is measured to control the quality of structural construction. In addition, this measuring may determine accurate values of thermal features of construction material.

To measure „U“ coefficient of thermal conductivity we use the instrument KIMO TM 200.

If you need measurement of thermal conductivity in structural construction, contact us!

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In structural constructions, the moisture may occur at surface or inside, due to omissions in construction, damages or age of building.
We measure the moisture in constructions:

  1. to analyse occurrence of mildew due to moisture condensation in buildings;
  2. to detect occurrence of capillary humidity;
  3. to detect occurrence of hygroscopic moisture and salinization;
  4. to detect micro locations of construction permeability.

By detecting the causes of moisture, it is possible to influence the decrease of the damages that moisture may cause. The most frequent damages of moisture in residential premises are:

  1. occurrence of fungus and mildew – detrimental to human health;
  1. decay and destruction of construction parts – material damage;
  2. leakage of water installations – loss due to leakage and destruction of construction parts.

This method is frequently used in combination with IC thermography.

To measure the moisture in structural constructions we use the moisture meter TROTEC T650.


If you also need to measure the humidity in structural constructions, contact us!

Contact person is ISMET SALIHOVIĆ