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Training for energy managers


Considering that BiH is facing the lack of human resources in the segment of energy efficiency and energy management, CRP developed a new curriculum for education and development in energy management sector. This is the first programme of this kind in BiH, and the aim is to train the energy managers who would be able to respond in a quality manner to the requirements of legislation, as well as to the requirements of contemporary market economy for more efficient energy use.

The training includes theoretical and practical component, and is organised in two parts. The first part of the training covers energy efficiency and energy management, including practical work. After completed first part of the training, the participants, with support of the mentors, are given 4-6 weeks to practically apply the gained knowledge in the companies or households. After practical work, the second cycle of the training is organised, including economic analysis and creating of final report for energy management based on the collected information.

During the training for energy managers, the level of adopted knowledge and skills by clients is constantly followed up and tested upon completion of each module. Final test of knowledge for energy managers is conducted by taking a written exam (test), organised in the end of the training. Those who achieve sufficient number of scores to pass the exam are awarded the Certificate of completion of the professional training, which is officially entered to the register of training certificates.

The training focuses the individuals who wish to additionally develop their knowledge and skills in energy management.

The training is led by experienced trainers of energy efficiency and energy management, CRP employees, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, power engineers, economists and psychologist.

If you are interested in this training, contact us!

Contact person is EDIN ZAHIROVIĆ