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Energy efficiency is the set of planned and implemented measures aimed at minimum use of energy maintaining the comfort level and production rate. To simplify, energy efficiency means using less energy (fuels) to perform the same activity (heating or cooling of premises, lights, production of various products, vehicles, etc.). Energy efficiency means efficient energy use in all sectors of final energy consumption: industry, traffic, services, agriculture and households.

Important to note is that energy efficiency must not be considered as energy saving. However, the saving always means certain denial, while efficient energy use does not violate the conditions of work and life. Furthermore, improvement of energy efficiency does not only mean the use of technical solutions. In fact, each technology and technical equipment, no matter how efficient, loses its features unless there are educated people who know how to use it most efficiently. Therefore, it may be concluded that energy efficiency is primarily the matter of awareness and will of people to change the habits according to energy efficient solutions, rather than the matter of complex technical solutions.