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Energy efficiency


    Energy efficiency studies for public buildings:
    • Energy efficiency study for 550 public buildings in the Federation of BiH;
    • Long-term development study for central heating system in Doboj city adjusted to flood risks;
    • Feasibility study for district heating system in urban area of Teslić municipality;
    • Energy efficiency study for 106 public buildings in Herzeg-Bosnia Canton;
    • Energy efficiency study for 91public buildings in West Herzegovina Canton;
    • Energy efficiency study for 179 public buildings in Central Bosnia Canton;
    • Energy efficiency study for 500 public buildings in the Federation of BiH
    • Energy efficiency study for 11 public buildings in Glamoč municipality;
    • Energy efficiency study for 378 public buildings in Tuzla Canton;
    • Energy efficiency study for 100 schools in Republika Srpska;
    • Energy efficiency study for 211 public buildings in Una- Sana Canton;
    • SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) for Doboj city;
    • SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) for Petrovac municipality.
    • Design and facilitation of professional development programme for technical persons interested in rational energy use and „green investments“ in Bihać, Tuzla and Trebinje;
    • Design and implementation of trainings for energy managers: Tuzla 25 participants; Bihać 20 participants;
    • Capacity building of small, medium and public enterprises in sustainable energy management;
    • Delivery of comprehensive training on energy efficiency to local authorities (region: Bihać, Mostar and Doboj);
    • Training for entrepreneurs of Zenica – Doboj canton about energy efficiency and environmental management.
    Projects and campaigns
    • Public advocacy campaigns aimed at resolving the priority issues in environment and energy efficiency sector;
    • Establishing inter-sectoral network EFFECT for environmentally friendly energy;
    • CRP Youth Academy;
    • Coalition of the action team for environmentally friendly energy (EFFECTive action);
    • Save energy, save money, save climate – Energy efficiency and renewable energies as effective vehicle for reducing public expenditure and combating poverty;
    • OPEN HOUSE “Comparing and integrating sustainability of construction in EU based on transparency and openness, from model to implementation”;
    • Active promotion of energy efficiency in Tuzla municipality through public campaigns and demonstration activities;
    • Public advocacy campaign within the project of energy efficiency in Tuzla and Ugljevik municipalities;
    • Translation, Editing and Development of Educational Material Book “Energy and Environment Textbook for Secondary School Program”.
    Energy audits and elaborates:
    So far, we have conducted over 100 energy audits for different types of buildings throughout B&H.
    ISO 50001 standard for energy management system
    Preparing the contracting authority for certification ISO 50001 (energy management system).
    Implementation of energy efficiency measures:
    Optimization of the public lights system in Derventa, Teslić, Odžak and Žepče municipalities.
    Development of programme for cantonal distribution of indicative energy saving objectives planned within the First Energy Efficiency Action Plan of the Federation BiH 2010-2018     
    Alter Energy – Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities