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Energy audits and energy audit elaborates


Due to extensive energy consumption in buildings, as well as the biggest energy and environmental saving potentials, energy efficiency in buildings construction becomes the priority of contemporary architecture. Contemporary architecture must be involved in consideration of the measures for improvement of energy efficiency, possibilities for use of renewable energy sources, remote heating and cooling, decrease of fossil fuels use and environment pollution.


To determine the energy consumption in buildings, it is necessary to conduct the energy audit of the building. The energy audit is the analysis of thermal features of coating of the building and features of technical systems, in order to determine the efficiency of energy consumption, as well as to make conclusions and recommendations for increase of efficiency. During energy audits, the terms of energy use as well as systems and spots with enormous energy losses are determined in order to define the measures for rational energy use and increase of energy efficiency.

The energy audit is the key step in the analysis of the efficiency of energy and water consumption in buildings. The energy audit is unavoidable step towards the control of energy and water costs as well as decrease of their consumption.

For its clients, CRP conducts detailed energy audits. Detailed audits include a comprehensive energy analysis of all construction and technical systems in the building. For the existing buildings, depending on their purpose, the energy costs are analysed optimally through 36 months to model the energy consumption and estimate the energy needs in the building. As needed, the analysis is supplemented with necessary measurement of electricity consumption, thermal losses, ventilation losses in the building, etc., which is important for determining the energy losses in some systems. The collected data are processed and the energy features of the building are calculated. The proposed measures for energy efficiency increase need to be grouped in the categories according to the energy, economic and environmental contribution, and if necessary, a detailed measuring of energy consumption should be recommended.

Integral part of energy audit are recommendations for change of terms of work or conduct of building users when using the energy, as well as recommendations for use of measures and implementation of investments to achieve better energy efficiency without violating the work conditions in the building.

Energy audits and energy audit elaborates are made by the team of experienced CRP civil engineering, mechanical engineering, economic and power engineering experts.

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