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EE&OIE Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources

This training is designed for a group of participants, including natural and legal entities that possess basic technical knowledge, who wish to expand their knowledge and practical skills in the segment of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The training includes basic and advanced knowledge in the mentioned segments, as well as several tools and methodologies for assessment of possibilities for energy efficiency in households, companies, institutions, organisations, etc. The training enables practicing of skills to utilise gained knowledge in practice, in the context of best local practices as well as the practices from the environment.

The training enables the clients:

  1. to meet the latest energy efficiency technologies;
  2. to improve their skills in technical–finance justification of energy efficiency measures, in compliance with the European standards;
  3. to identify the most significant and the most useful solutions for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources for their needs or for the needs of their companies;
  4. to use efficient tools for measurement and monitoring of energy consumption;
  5. to be introduced with the energy audit;
  6. to get information about available financial instruments for investing into energy efficiency. Planning and management of small businesses and development of entrepreneurship;

The training is led by experienced trainers of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, CRP employees, certified energy auditors.

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