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SECAP-Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan in cities, municipalities and KEAP-Cantonal Energy Action Plan

Sustainable energy and climate action plan is the key document which, based on the collected baseline data, identifies and gives precise and clear guidelines for implementation of energy efficiency projects and measures and use of renewable energy sources at the level of city, municipality or canton that would result with the decrease of CO2 emission.
The main objectives of development and implementation of the Action plan are:

  • Decrease CO2 emissions in all sectors by implementing the energy efficiency measures, using renewable energy sources, managing the consumption, training and other measures;
  • Contribute as much as possible to safety and diversification of energy supply in local community;
  • Decrease energy consumption in the sectors of buildings construction, transport and public lights;
  • Enable transformation of urban area into environmentally sustainable areas.

The Action Plan focuses on establishment of long-term energy systems in cities or cantons, and provides measurable objectives and results related to decrease of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Obligations from the Action Plan pertain to the whole city or canton, including public and private sector. The Plan defines the activities in the sector of buildings construction, transport and public lights. The Action Plan in all its segments should comply with institutional and legislative frameworks at EU, national, cantonal and local level, and should include the period until 2020.


Sustainable Energy Action plans are made for cantons, cities and municipalities, and the process is led by the experienced experts, CRP employees of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, power engineering and economic background.


Should you and your community wish to make one of the mentioned strategic documents, contact us to plan the future together.

Contact person is ERVIN ĐEMBER