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The association Centre for Development and Support (CRP) was officially registered on October 10th, 2005 with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). CRP was founded by the employees of Mercy Corps in BiH who, since 2001 have all been national staff including the Country Director. In the earliest phase of work, the key strength of CRP was the extensive knowledge and practical experience of management, gained while working in Mercy Corps since the beginning of 1994. The main motivation for CRP’s creation was a strong intention of its founders, highly committed professionals, who gained extensive experience and skills in implementation of return projects, civil society and economic development projects while working for many years in Mercy Corps, to invest, after Mercy Corps’ departure from these areas, their rich and diverse skills to contribute to the development of our country and its integration into the European Union structures.

So far, CRP as organisation and its employees, experts in relevant segments, have gained enormous experience in energy efficiency in buildings construction during their work. That experience was gained through implementation of numerous programmes and projects implemented by CRP, as well as implementation of many consulting contracts signed with CRP employees as consultants.
In October 2011, UNDP B&H nominated CRP for the Equator prize 2012 (, which is usually awarded to outstanding local initiatives that are working to advance sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities.

We believe that energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources are the best responses to environment protection, sustainable development and achievement of better quality of life.
Long-term inefficiency of state, overall political corruption as well as intensive changes in the environment impose the need for proactive behaviour of civil sector. CRP as a civil society organisation particularly notices the global trends such as: economic crisis and increasing needs for savings, significant development of responsible behaviour towards environment, increase of residential culture, development of new construction material and building concepts with global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and development of support to finance sector.
CRP currently employs 14 highly educated and trained employees, with wide range of educational profiles and skills and high degree of practical knowledge in different segments. At the same time, through implementation of its activities and projects, CRP has established a strong network of external associates who possess specialised knowledge in various technical and organisational issues in some programme sectors.
CRP team is capable of responding quickly and in a quality manner to the requirements of citizens, all authority structures, commercial companies, international and local organisations, who want to improve their quality of life, to achieve their energy, economic and development objectives, and to contribute to the environment protection.