Working lunch with media

Working lunch with media

On 13.06.2017 the EFEKT network and CRP organised a working lunch with media in Tuzla. Some of the topics addressed on this occasion that the media were interested in were: Where is BiH in 2017 when it comes to environment protection and energy efficiency? Does adopting of Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation BiH mean that we are making a progress? How to access the funds and invest into environmental protection?

Replies to those and other questions were answered by Amir Zahirović- coordinator of the EFEKT network and Alma Tihić- communication coordinator in behalf of CRP and the EFEKT network.

Amir Zahirović reminded about importance of the Energy Efficiency Law that has been passed recently. „Passing of this law is important as such; however, it also sets new obligations and requires lots of work to be done. The Law has to be enforced in practice, and CRP and the EFEKT network initiated several activities in that direction. After implementing a big campaign for passing of the Law, we currently work with the representatives of cantonal and local institutions to inform and motivate them enforce the Law in practice. It is going to be a long process, but positive progress in practice has been noticed. Many municipalities have started developing their Energy Efficiency Action Plans and CRP currently mentors 16 municipalities involved in the process. Three workshops were organised for the representatives of all cantons to introduce them with the liabilities of the cantons imposed by the Law. All those activities are implemented in cooperation with the entity environmental funds, relevant entity ministries and German association for international cooperation GIZ“.

Alma Tihić presented how the media reported about the energy efficiency and explained what was important in our mutual cooperation. „Media likes scandalous news; EE as such is not an interesting topic for media and public until there is some environmental disaster requiring some urgent solutions. At such meetings with media representatives we are trying to trigger the media to think on a long-term run and to see the potential in the energy efficiency sector. To report affirmatively and invite decision makers, citizens and their colleagues to get educated and to practically show positive examples. Everything is not necessarily black. Citizens are not aware of the consequences we suffer due to the pollution or failure to meet international obligations, nor how much money would have been available to us if we had met some of those obligations“ – concluded Alma

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