Energy efficiency in the Federation of BiH – news and perspectives

Energy efficiency in the Federation of BiH – news and perspectives

Centre for Development and Support and EFEKT network for environmentally friendly energy in BiH on 24th May 2018 organised in Sarajevo a round table titled “Energy Efficiency in the Federation of BiH – news and perspectives”.

The representatives of the following institutions participated and spoke at the round table:  Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning, Environmental Fund of the Federation BiH, German Association for International Cooperation GIZ, United Nations Development Programme UNDP, USAID programme Energy Investment Activity (EIA), relevant cantonal ministries and members of the EFEKT network.


The participants at the round table presented the implementation process of the Energy Efficiency Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, activities implemented so far by the state institutions, as well as by international organisations.

The conclusion of the round table was that positive progress has been made in the energy efficiency sector during the past few years, since the adoption of the Law. Numerous strategic documents have been made providing the framework for actions in EE sector. A lot has been done in „baseline assessment“ of energy consumption in public buildings of BiH, in order to make the projections for CO2 savings in future.

The investment potentials into EE in BiH are enormous, so mutual cooperation is needed between all key stakeholders in the process, as well as occasional coordination of the activities at this and similar meetings and events.

The same round table shall be organised in the following period in Banja Luka.


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