International NASA competition (Hackathon)
 Space Apps Challenge for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina
International NASA competition (Hackathon) Space Apps Challenge this year shall be held for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The competition shall mainly involve young creative people, and as CRP’s work is based on the principles of sustainable development, we are recognized and invited by the organizer of the competition to take part as sponsors and lecturers. This year topic of the competition is the Earth and we wish to support innovative and creative approaches to preservation of the planet Earth.
The competition itself includes two events:
  1. Data Bootcamp (preparatory event) to be held on 22nd April, in the Peace Flame House in Tuzla starting at 30 a.m.
  2. Hackathon (main competition) including the joint work of all teams on finding the innovative solutions to challenges set by NASA, which shall also be held in the Peace Flame House in Tuzla on 29th April from 00  a.m. to  5.00 p.m. when theHackathon winners shall be announced.
The aim of Space Apps Challenge, organized throughout the world since 2012, is to enable creative teams or individuals share their ideas and try to resolve the actual problems related to the Space and the Earth. During the previous years, the hackathon challenges were mainly related to the Space. The participants addressed the topics such as travel to Mars, solar system and aeronautics. This year topic is the Earth. The participants shall use information about our planet collected by NASA for years while trying to find out as much as possible about the Earth and its components such as oceans, earth and the living beings. Space App Challenge is the place where NASA gives the opportunity to all interested stakeholders to become a part of those science researches thus helping resolve numerous global challenges.
Anyone interested to participate in Hackathon and Data Bootcamp should register online at NASA global web site:, where update news related to this event are available.  You also may see the official Facebook profile of the event at:
See you in Tuzla!

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