Making the local energy efficiency action plans

Making the local energy efficiency action plans

On Tuesday 28.06.2017, CRP and EFEKT network organised the second workshop titled „Making the local energy efficiency action plans“. The aim is, with our technical and logistical support, in compliance with the energy efficiency laws of the Federation BiH and Republika Srpska, to ensure that municipalities make and adopt their own local energy efficiency action plans. 15 municipalities are involved in the process, including:  Kotor Varoš, Lukavac, Modriča, Brod, Prnjavor, Grude, Živinice, Srebrenik, Ljubuški, Orašje, Maglaj, Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje, Tomislavgrad, Derventa and Srebrenica. We organise the workshops in cooperation with entity environmental funds and the relevant ministries.

During the previous period, the municipalities made decision and assigned the teams for making of the plan, and the first activity was that each municipality begins the process with data collection. At the workshop, the participants presented the actual situation compared  to the agreed dynamics of data collection and highlighted the difficulties the teams faced. On the other side, by sharing their own examples and experiences from the field, CRP team of experts comprising civil engineers, power engineers, mechanical engineers and economists helped the municipalities overcome the challenges they faced during data collection.

The following steps have been agreed, and general conclusion of the workshop is that in the end of the process, when the municipalities have their plans, it will be much easier to approach the funds for investing into energy efficiency measures in their local communities.

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