Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation of BiH

Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation of BiH

On Wednesday, 15.06.2017 in Tuzla, the workshop „Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation of BiH“ was held.

The lecturers at the workshop were the representatives of the Federal Environmental Fund, Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning and German association for international cooperation GIZ.

In addition to the lecturers, the workshop was attended by the representatives of the Ministry for spatial planning and environment protection of Tuzla Canton, Ministry for spatial planning, trade, communication and environment protection of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Živinice municipality and the EFEKT network.

After the introductory speech of the organisers CRP/EFEKT network, the presentations were done by the lecturers, representatives of the Federal ministries and institutions responsible for implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at entity level. Particular interest was raised by the deadlines for adoption of bylaws and regulations which would give more specific guidelines and deadlines to cantonal ministries regarding enforcement of the Law.

General impression of all participants was that there was a great need for this type of meetings aimed at exchange of information and networking of key stakeholders in the process of Law enforcement at all levels: entity – cantonal – municipal. it is very important that information from this type of workshops is submitted to the prime ministers / cantonal governments through the ministries attending those meetings. Finally, the conclusion was that enforcement of the Law finally brings specific positive effects at cantonal and local level and that it is necessary, now that we have a legal framework, to initiate specific activities on its enforcement. CRP/EFEKT network in cooperation with the partners shall continue, as much as possible, to facilitate this type of meetings aimed at more efficient implementation of the Law.



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